Outdoor program offers new, unique experiences

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Outdoor Program at the South Dakota State Wellness Center gives students plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors through a variety of trips and services.

Justin Parks, coordinator of the Outdoor Program, plans the trips for each semester. With every new outing, he hopes to make them more accessible and enjoyable for all students.

“My job is to get people outside and provide them the resources to do that in a safe, fun and exciting manner,” he said.

The program is only in its second year, but Parks is confident the program will continue to grow as more students enroll and use its services.

“I think it should grow more, it’s a great program,” said Caleb Kervin, a natural resource law enforcement major. “It’s good to focus on being outdoors.”

With growth comes a wider array of activities each semester. Perhaps the biggest upcoming opportunity for students will be the March 3 to 11 spring break trip to Red River Gorge, in the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky.

Parks has a lot planned for Red River Gorge, and he’s excited for students to be able to try new things and explore the region.

“It has some beautiful, amazing deep ridges with beautiful vistas and valleys,” Parks said.

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