Guido expected to start painting elevator the end of June

Friday, June 15, 2018

guidoArtist Guido van Helten is expected to arrive in Faulkton around June 27.

The Faulkton area has been anxiously awaiting his arrival, as he will be painting his murals on the elevator on the east side of Faulkton.

His plan is to take a couple of more photos and tweak his planned design a little. Grid lines will be painted before the end of June.

Plans for the painting started early last year. Guido was able to stay in Faulkton in July where he visited with the locals, took pictures and toured the area.

He has chosen his theme and subjects and is looking forward to returning to Faulkton.

The design will remain undisclosed, until the actual paintings become a reality.

There are three different viewing stations that will be completed which will enable visitors to view the progress of the paintings. The stations will be located at the Faulkton Retail Center, on the west side of the airport road, and at the corner of 8th Ave. and Court Street.

Donations are certainly appreciated and can be made through the Snake Creek Foundation. They can be dropped off at Walkabout Mother Bins office, with a Faulkton Area Arts Council member or at the Faulkton Area Economic Development office. There will be an acknowledgement board with the main three levels of donations, $500, $1,000, and $2,000.

The total project cost is $54,000. This includes the artist fees, viewing stations, donation board, information about other activities and businesses on the Faulkton boards, donation boxes for ongoing maintenance, paint, accommodations, and travel for Guido, and the lift for painting. As of right now almost $22,000 has been raised through donations and grants.

Painting each side of the elevator will take about five or six days. Three sides of the elevator will be done, the north, west and east sides.

Excitement is building to view what this talented artist has planned for us.

Article and image courtesy of the Faulk County Record.

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