Requests for Information; In Other Words, RFI's

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

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Request for Information Forms; In Other Words “RFI’s”


Did you know there are people all the time relocating to SD; businesses as well?  The Governor’s Office of Economic Development on occasion sends by email, what they refer to as “RFI’s”.  RFI’s stand for Request for Information.  Many time businesses are looking to move to South Dakota and they are looking for specifics in way of land, property, water rights, natural gas and more.  Communities receive these RFI’s from the State and respond back to their requests. 


If a community or county has no idea what is available should a business want to purchase, then we are out of luck.  Deuel Area Development is seeking help with this and to do that, we are producing our own RFI’s from our property owners.  This way we know then perhaps what a property owner has for sale; land or building.  We then would process and let the State know what we have available should a business like to make an inquiry to our area.   It’s much like a house for sale and not telling a realtor or putting a sign in the yard; no one is aware.  So we are trying to be more aware, but need our citizen’s help with this.


DADi has put together a RFI form which asks some questions and to get properties listed.  There are questions to answer that should a business want to look at Deuel County’s location, we have ways to get our area in the running.  Our desire is to bring new business to Deuel County. 


RFI’s are private and confidential. You can receive an RFI’s form from DADi by emailing to receive one, or print a copy from DADi’s website at Resource Library.  Once you’ve completed it you can stop by the DADi office or email it in.  These forms are then sent to Pierre if and when requested; should we have a qualifying location, they’ll take it into consideration and the buyer would then get in touch with the seller.  It’s all a long process, but it’s a proactive one where we can get the information started and have an idea should we be asked.



Also if you are a business in Deuel County, DADi would like to take a short 2-3 minute video of your business and feature it on our social media sites.  Contact DADi if you are interested, there is no cost to this.  605.874.8038. 

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