SD company offers grain bin on wheels

Thursday, November 01, 2018

FAULKTON, S.D. — In Australia, David Hedt says, many farmers don't run as many trucks at harvest as in the U.S. Instead, they rely on 4,000 bushel rolling grain bins, called, "mother bins."

The use of the huge implements in Australia, Hedt explains, was a result of larger combine sizes and a dearth of workers to drive trucks and keep harvest moving about 20 years ago.

Hedt came to Faulkton, S.D., to work in 2003 and eventually returned to live there permanently. And in recent years, he noticed that the same problems that used to slow harvest in Australia have slowed harvest in the Upper Midwest.

So, Hedt created "Walkabout Mother Bins," to provide a harvest-time solution to farmers in the U.S.

The giant implements — 58-feet long, 13-feet-9-inches wide and 12-feet-11-inches high — are crosses between grain carts and grain bins. Farmers can unload into them, then load trucks out of them.

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