What's Up With Twin Homes

Monday, November 19, 2018

What’s Up With the Twin Homes?

If you’re not a Facebook watcher, you’ve not seen the most current project DADi is working on (www.facebook.com/deuelarea), Wildlife Estates Development in Clear Lake is working diligently on a possible twin home at the development.  Located in the cul-de-sac area, there are 4 lots for possible twin home development.

This development started in 2014 with a merger between East Central Development Company and Deuel Area Development; two local non-profits.  With that merger came already purchased land prior for development from the Engle’s family, advocates of economic development.  The merged board of 17 members at the time, voted to begin development for the county, on this property.  That development had begun in 2009 when ECDC had to shut down the project due to the recession in our country at the time.  Picked up again at merger time, DADi through HD Electric as an applicant to USDA, received a REDLG Grant/loan to begin the development process.  This grant needs to be paid back without interest in 10 years.

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