Raising pigs: Love what you do, do what you love

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

“I love my job, but I what I love more is showing others why I love my job,” Adam Krause says.

Adam Krause is a pig farmer of tomorrow, but right now he wishes he was a crop farmer of today. The wet fall weather is keeping the Clear Lake, S.D., farmer (and a lot of other producers) from bringing in the corn and soybean crops.

“We’re not super behind,” he says, “we’ve got about half the beans out, and we’ve got a start on the corn. Hopefully we can be back at it in a couple days. … we hope to be done by Halloween.”

The downtime from field work allows pig farmers to spend more time with their pigs, which is Krause’s real passion. Krause and every other hog producer practices the We Care principles, in that pig care comes first even while bringing in the fall harvest. Rain may keep crop farmers out of the fields, but hog producers are always on the clock for pig care.

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