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Eureka Community Development Company Hires New Director Photo

Eureka Community Development Company Hires New Director

The Eureka Community Development Company (ECDC) welcomed Kaitlin Pederson as its new director late last year. Pederson is enthusiastic about her new position and says she’ll strive to enhance quality of life for residents in Eureka, South Dakota.

Pederson was born and raised in Northwest Iowa. She spent 9 years living in Oregon before moving to Eureka about 9 months ago. She had previously visited friends in the area and was impressed by the small town’s quiet charm.

After moving to town, she was excited to learn about the director position. “I knew it was a good opportunity to make a difference in the community of Eureka,” explains Pederson, who has experience working with community nonprofits and in bookkeeping.

The ECDC’s mission is to promote and demonstrate innovative grassroots economic development in the community, attract new industry, assist with expansion/retention of existing industries and promote industrial/commercial development in the Eureka region.

One of Pederson’s primary roles is working to directly support local businesses. She organized a campaign for Small Business Saturday on November 24 to encourage residents to shop locally. “It’s really awesome to have a day to support small local businesses,” she says. “Next year it will be even bigger.”

ECDC partnered with Empower! Dakota, a branch of Dakota Resources, in 2018 to engage citizens on important development projects in Eureka. Issues were identified and committees were formed to focus on three key areas: improving business opportunities, enhancing parks and building a community center.

The business group’s aim is to retain and recruit local businesses. In 2018 the group identified a need for a diesel mechanic to support area farmers. This year, the group will primarily focus on recruiting a mechanic.

The parks group works to maintain and improve the town’s parks and outdoor recreation opportunities. Last year, it helped clean up ball fields and city parks. In 2019, it intends to plant trees to replace those lost to disease and age.

The community center committee has the ambitious goal of building a community center in Eureka. It conducted research and center visits around South Dakota in 2018. In the coming year, the group intends to develop a formal action plan for developing a center.

Pederson is looking forward to helping facilitate the implementation of these citizen-inspired business and community development projects. “I’m grateful for the opportunity this position has given me to meet the citizens of Eureka, and I’m excited to get to know the town and its people better as I partner with them to build hometown possibilities,” she says.

Eureka Community Development Company is a member of the South Dakota Prairie Gateway, a portal for economic development information in Eastern Rural Communities of South Dakota.

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